Submit a sample for Thai English translation

Before sending us a sample, we recommend that you contact us first to discuss our availability for your particular project. For example, we sometimes get backlogged on translations for legal translations, or for an engineering translation we need to first check to see whether or not we currently have an available translator.

In all cases, to provide an accurate quotation, we need the following:

  1. An explanation of the application, such as "We are importing a clothes washing machine made in China, which will be sold to consumers in Thailand. We need to translate the instruction manual into Thai."

  2. If the translation is Thai to English, then we need to know the level of quality, e.g., "must sell to native English consumers", or "must have class", or "certified", or "just for my girlfriend", etc.

  3. The size of the work, e.g., "approximately 500 pages", or "2154 words", or "about 50 pages per week

  4. A sample of the work, such as a page or a few pages

Please make sure that you provide your complete contact information with the materials you submit. We will contact you very soon after receiving and reviewing your materials.

You may first contact us by our contact form in the link below whereby we can reply by email. We do not post our main email addresses online due to spammers.

We have discontinued our public internet upload system due to spammers, but still have an online upload system for clients for very large documents, videos, and other applications, which has an unpublished link and is password protected. > Submit a sample

Please feel free to contact us by our contact page.

Please note: we do not provide free translation online, e.g., "Hi! What's Thai for 'I love you'?" Such requests will simply be ignored. Serious translation inquiries only.

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